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Tussiplex feat. Kurt Kuene with an amazing new production called:

Im Ernst    

Animated Pink Skull made by Tussiplex    
 Im Ernst.mp3    

Im Ernst

Wer nöd wöt hät gha,
s'Läbe isch härt.

Wer zlescht lacht lacht am beschtä,
s'Läbe isch grausam.

Wer nöd höre will muss fühle,
d'Wält isch bös.

Wer A sait muss au B säge,
s'isch kein Witz!

Ohni Fliess kein Pries,
s'Läbe isch en Chäs.

Dä Schtärcher frisst dä Schwächer,
es gaht um d'Wurscht.

Willkomme ufem Bodä vodä Realität,
mir sind doch nöd im Fernseh.
Translated Lyrics:


Use it or lose it.
Life is hard.

Who laughs last, laughs best.
Life is cruel.

Who doesn't want to listen will have to feel.
The World is evil.

In for a penny, in for a pound.
That is no joke.

No pain, no gain.
Life is a cheese.

The stronger eats the weaker.
It's neck or nothing.

Welcome to the base of reality,
we sure are not in television.


wipking recording studio zurich
  • All Lyrics written by Tussiplex
  • Music by Tussiplex and Kurt Kuene
  • Beats and Guitar by Tussiplex
  • Keyboard, Bass and Vocals by Kurt Kuene
October 2007     
Creative Commons License      

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