WIPKING Recording Studio Zurich

Kurt Kuene in his Studio

Image of Kurt Kuene in the WIPKING Recording Studio Zurich.


Kurt Kuene Singing

Kurt Kuene sings with his very vivid and distinct voice



Overview of the WIPKING Recording Studio. Kurt Kuene is playing the Keyboard.

In the background you can see his acoustic bass.


Kurt Kuene plays the piano

He writes the music and the lyrics for almost all of his songs.



The Great Bit-Tuner sometimes makes cool songs with Kurt Kuene.

He has his own website with many downloads!

die reporterin

(You are like)Shit in my head

Artists: Bit-Tuner and Kurt Kuene

A cool punk rock love song!

Finally two great musicians work together!

Kurt Kuene and Bit-Tuner made a big song

download it here:   (You are like) Shit in my head

Skull of Im Ernst by Tussiplex

Im Ernst - Seriously

Artists: Tussiplex feat. Kurt Kuene

Life is as hard as cheese!

This song shows our disenchantment with how the world turns.

So here is this great collaborative work. The splendid artist and friend Tussiplex brought along this incredible ear-piercing song and Kurt Kuene was intrigued.

download it here:   Im Ernst

bit-tuner and kurt kuene

Krieg - War

Artist: Kurt Kuene

A dirty rock song.

A brutal rock song about a bloody civil war in switzerland. People are killing eachother without any known reason.

The song is performed in St. Galler dialect :-)

download it here:   Krieg